About 26 different types of M M B S Schemes operate in our bank. ie; Rs 100000 for 40 months scheme (2500*40 months) Rs 500000 for 25 months scheme (20000*25 months), Rs 500000 for 40 months scheme (12500*40 months).This M M B S scheme will helps the members for meeting their needs in short period of time. The bank also provide a facility to the members for depositing their M M B S Prized Money Amount for different periods. Additional interest is paid for these periods. Another facility for withdrawing the prizes money amount through the suriety of two salaried Govt/Aided school employees salary certificates.

Risk Fund

Our bank take the membership of Kerala State Co operative welfare Fund Board under the Risk Fund Scheme.Now our bank received claim from board of Rs 880920/- to 08 no members of the bank.


A class member ship to members residing at our chennithala thirpperumthura villages.

C class membership to outside the villages.